Water damage can be more severe than a minor fire. Should you have a pipe break on a 3rd or 2nd floor the water has no choice but to find its way down to the lower levels causing damage on the way. The key is to secure and dry out the areas as fast as possible to prevent mold growth and further damage.
Our certified experts will provide emergency:

  • Cleanup of debris- put curbside or cart away as needed.
  • Secure contents
  • Pump water if needed
  • Machine water extraction
  • Removal of non salvageable carpet and padding
  • Removal of non salvageable drywall, paneling, insulation and other material as needed
  • Cleaning of surfaces as needed
  • Apply mildewcide
  • Provide hi volume air movers and self pumping dehumidifiers to dry out the building and contents
  • Locate non visible water damage with high end moisture content meters
  • Monitor the drying process with high end moisture content meters
  • Any other service needed to make your home or business safe

As with any type of loss we will provide an estimate for you insurance company and provide complete building repairs to restore your home or business.

        Images of Water Damage:

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