Soot damage is generally caused by a malfunction of your boiler or furnace. Excess smoke backs up into the home leaving soot- smoke damage to the building and content surfaces. It can be severe and visible or so light that you only notice it when you touch a surface or possibly walk around in white socks.

Our technicians will clean the building (ceiling- walls- floors- carpets- windows- cabinets- fixtures) throughout the damaged areas. If there is exposed insulation in a basement that has become soot damaged it will also be removed. We also will provide contents cleaning (furniture- clothing- etc.)

Soot damage can be so severe that certain contents may not be cleanable or a light colored carpet may not cleanup properly. We will make sure these items are brought to your attention and notify your adjuster.

The most common after affect of soot cleanup is a residual stain on a painted surface which indicates that re-painting may be needed.

Clean Sweep can provide all the services needed to restore the building to pre damage condition.

       Images of Soot:

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