Fire and Smoke

The #1 residential fire and smoke loss is caused by a cooking mishap on the range. A flare up from frying with oil or maybe just a range that has not been cleaned often enough.
These photos show the after affects of such a loss. The smoke is more severe due to the grease or oil content.
Our specialist will provide initial emergency cleanup of debris and proceed to clean the building (ceiling- walls- floor- carpets- windows- cabinets- fixtures) throughout the premises. We also will provide contents cleaning (furniture- clothing- etc.).

The emergency cleanup is the first thing that should be completed as it will provide you and your insurance company with an accurate visual on the items and areas that need to be repaired, type of repair as well as contents that may be damaged beyond restoration cleaning.

Clean Sweep will provide a detailed estimate and make all building repairs needed to restore your home or business.

        Images of Fire and Smoke Damage:

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