*Effective January 1 2016, New York State has required all mold remediation companies to be licensed.  Clean Sweep is licensed by New York State, license #00299.  See Affiliations for certificate.

Large or Small

The mold photos on this site represent an extreme condition. The point is to show you that we can handle the worst case possible.

This ranch home had a frozen water pipe in the attic while the owner was on vacation during January 09, flooding the entire house with two feet of water in the basement and heavy mold developed.

Clean Sweep was called in and our certified mold technicians handled the complete remediation. All the contents were damaged and had to be removed and disposed of. All building surfaces (drywall- insulation- flooring- cabinets and fixtures) were damaged and were also removed. Hi volume air movers- self pumping dehumidifiers and negative air scrubbers (filters) were installed on the job site. The balance of the building was cleaned –treated- and encapsulated with fosters 40/20 mold sealer. A hygienist was used on this loss to provide air quality testing.

Clean Sweep followed up with the complete rebuild of this home (electrical- plumbing- drywall- insulation- flooring- cabinetry- fixtures and fittings- painting and decorating)

Your mold problem may be very minor, Clean Sweep will only do what is necessary for your situation.

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